Incredible Opportunity to Support the Surface Finishing Industry


Members, Sponsors, and Supporters of the MFASC and MFANC,

As you know the last few years have been, to say the least, “CHALLENGING” for the Surface Finishing Industry. We however are a resilient group! As we come out of what we hope is a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic, we are still faced with regulatory challenges that demand our focus. As an association, we are continually doing what is best for the industry and our members.

To that end, we are very excited to offer a new opportunity to each of you that will help us support the Surface Finishing Community. The following attachment highlights a marketing opportunity for you and your companies. This offer to advertise with the MFASC and MFANC will reach thousands of businesses, individuals, and key contacts within the industry. The advertisements will be included on our website and emails that go out to the industry.

All of the money raised in this effort will continue to assist the association with providing the benefits of membership you have grown to expect. Please take advantage of this opportunity to not only elevate your business advertising but know that when you do so, you will be directly supporting the industry that supports so many of our jobs and businesses.

Thank You!!

MFASC President Vince Noonan CEF

Vincent Noonan, CEF
President of the MFASC

MFACA members and supporters this is your opportunity to advertise your business or service to thousands of key industry contacts in our weekly emails. Money raised will go to helping the association with critical regulatory and legislative efforts in California.

Top of Page Banners

  • (Tier A) – $9500 / yr
    75% Banner Featured
  • (Tier B) – $3500 / yr
    25% Logo Space Featured

Bottom of Page Banners

  • (Tier C) 1 – $7500 / yr
    100% Banner
  • (Tier D) 2 – $2500 ea / yr
    50% Banners
  • (Tier E) 3 – $1200 ea / yr
    Logos Only
  • (Tier F) 4 – $800 ea / yr
    Logos Only

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Recent Click Rate: 5.6% (peer avg 2.7%)

Unsubscribe Rate: 0% (peer avg .3%)

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