MFASC Participated in LA Sanitation Earth Day Event

MFASC participated in the LA Sanitation and Environment Earth Day event on April 20, 2024.

This enjoyable family-friendly event provided a wonderful time for all attendees. Children were treated to an exciting day filled with food, music, and educational experiences. At the MFASC booth, parents and kids had the opportunity to learn the art of gold-plating dimes and quarters. Along with these collectible items, the association distributed cool hats.

In addition to hosting the gold-plating activity, MFASC also engaged attendees with interactive demonstrations on the importance of environmental stewardship and sustainability. Through hands-on activities and informative displays, participants learned about some aspects the finishing industry in California.

MFASC enjoys collaborating with local environmental organizations to raise awareness about initiatives aimed at improving air and water quality in the Los Angeles area. By fostering partnerships with like-minded entities, MFASC continues to advocate for a cleaner, healthier environment for all members of the community.

Special thanks to board members Justin Guzman, Alan Olick, Sam Bell, Keshav Kumar, and Bryan Leiker for their efforts in hosting the booth. The association is grateful for the opportunity to participate in such a meaningful event and looks forward to continuing its efforts to make a positive impact on both the environment and the community at large.

MFACA 2024 LA Sanitation / Earth Day Event Photo Gallery