Zoom Playback Link – MFA’s August 10th CARB Webinar

Zoom Playback Link – CARB Webinar!

Watch the Zoom recording from our meeting on August 10th, 2022 to learn more about the CARB proposal to Ban Chrome Plating in California and what you can do to take action to prevent this terrible outcome.

This CARB ATCM is a complete overreach of regulation and will lead to lost jobs and businesses moving out of state or closing. This zoom webinar, open to all members and non-members, provided an update on what the Metal Finishing Association of California has done to date and what future action is in the works. We need everyone impacted by this CARB rule to participate and learn what they can do now to save their business and the California industry.

Below are bullet points on the CARB rule and the zoom link to playback the meeting recording. Please forward this to anyone in the industry that should be aware of these updates!

⚠️ Meeting Passcode: 86L!.nJL ⚠️

CARB is proposing an update to the CrVI ATCM that will:

  • Prohibit new facility permits on January 1, 2024.
  • Ban decorative chrome plating on January 1, 2026.
  • Ban hard chrome plating and chromic acid anodizing on January 1, 2039.

⚠️ This action would supersede SCAQMD’s Rule 1469 ⚠️

Meeting Details:

Time: Aug 10, 2022 01:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Meeting Panelists:

Bryan Leiker, MFACA Executive Director, K&L Anodizing
Bobbi Burns, MFACA Northern President, Global Plating
Vince Noonan, MFACA Southern President, Sheffield Plating
Justin Guzman, MFACA Southern Past President, Aircraft X-Ray
Jim Meyer, MFACA Member, Aviation Repair Solutions
Brian Ward, MFACA Member, AAA Plating
Jerry Desmond, MFACA Advocate

🔴 Watch Zoom Meeting

⚠️ Meeting Passcode: 86L!.nJL ⚠️