PFOnline Hex Chrome Ban Podcast with Bryan Leiker

PFOnline Podcast on CARB’s Hex Chrome Ban Hearing.

The upcoming CARB Hex Chrome Ban threat was recently discussed on Products Finishing official podcast, On the Line. Metal Finishing Association of California’s executive director, Bryan Leiker spoke to PFOnline about the latest news, updates, challenges, and impending public hearing on California Air Resources Board’s hex chrome ban.

Listen to PFOnline’s “CA Metal Finishers Push back on Hex Chrome Ban” Podcast below:

This On the Line podcast episode explains why The National Association for Surface Finishing and the Metal Finishers Association of California are asking for participation from their members and the metal finishing community either by public comments, attending the meeting in person, or attending remotely.

Here are some key details and important takeaways to know before the public hearing and meeting:

CARB’s public hearing will be held on January 26-27 to discuss the proposed amendments to the “Airborne Toxic Control Measure for Chromium Electroplating and Chromic Acid Anodizing Operations.” These are the amendments that put forth the measure to ban the use of hexavalent chromium in California operations. This year’s hearings will be open to the public and its public comment period closes on January 17th.

Mr. Bryan Leiker shared important industry concerns with the proposed ban. The measure’s deadline does not take into account customer demand for CrVI decorative plating and there is no plan for new permits for any of these processes after 2024. Also, there are currently no preparations slated for CrVI decorative plating and this could lead to the aerospace plating industry leaving California before 2039. Furthermore, the proposed update is not emission-based, the bans could lead to leak emissions to other states, and the disclosed ban dates seem to be arbitrary.

Metal Finishers and industry supporters are asked to please assist and spread the word about this public hearing. It is important to note that previously submitted comments will not be taken into account for this meeting. Please submit comments and statements for consideration at this hearing by January 17th. In person attendance of the January 27th meeting is encouraged to help support the metal finishers in the state of California.

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