MFASC and MFANC Participate in 17th Annual CUPA Conference

MFASC and MFANC Board Presidents Bryan Leiker and Terry McGuinness representing the Metal Finishing Associations of Southern and Northern California.


Earlier this month, the Metal Finishers of Southern California and the Metal Finishers of Northern California participated in the 17th annual California Unified Program Training Association (CUPA) Conference, a summit aimed at improving business managers’ preparedness for a wide range of environmental and regulatory liabilities. The event was held February 2-5 at the Sheraton Hotel & Marina in San Diego and drew over 1,300 registrants and 45 exhibitors.

The annual event targets a wide range of audiences, including professionals in environmental, hazmat, government, and industry fields, and features courses addressing issues such as waste remediation, hazmat compliance, and the US EPA’s approach to regulatory enforcement. It is especially relevant to the metal finishing industry because of the highly regulated nature of processes critical to our work.

“The CUPA conference is an event that metal finishing associations of California support every year,” said Brian Leiker, MFASC Chapter President. “We exhibit and teach a class so the Members in California can understand more about our industry and our goal to be compliant with all environmental agencies.”

Representation at this event by metal finishing leaders not only displays the industry’s dedication to safety, but provides an invaluable knowledge base with which to avoid or mitigate disasters that can damage the entire metal finishing field.

Attendees representing MFASC and MFANC included:

  • Bryan Leiker, K & L Anodizing
  • Terry McGuinness, Environmental Recovery Services, Inc.
  • Jim Millie, Chemical Solutions, Inc.
  • Dan Zinman, Miles Chemical Company
  • Dale Watkins, Sheffield Platers
  • Bernie Moore, Moore Compliance & Training
  • Ray Lucas, Valley Chrome Plating

The Metal Finishers of California were also pleased to be represented in the list of CUPA trainers, including chapter members Ray Lucas, Bernie Moore, Jim Millie and Dale Watkins.

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