AQMD Board Hearing on November 1st

MFASC attended the AQMD board hearing on November 1st in a continued effort to work on Rule 1480. Wesley Turnbow, Bryan Leiker and Jerry Desmond spoke to the board on behalf of MFASC. The association continues its effort to help negotiate fair rules for all surface finishers in California. Please plan to attend the MFASC annual dinner meeting on November 20th at Stevens Steak House for an update on this important issue.

Meeting With AQMD

MFASC Executive Board members, Justin Guzman & Wesley Turnbow along with MFASC Executive Director, Bryan Leiker and MFASC lawyers attended an important meeting on June 25th at AQMD. This meeting with AQMD Executive Officer Wayne Nastri was scheduled to discuss recent abusive treatment by AQMD staff toward MFASC member companies. MFASC will be taking this message to Sacramento in the next few weeks.

MFANC College Scholarship

In 2018, the MFANC Board of Directors voted to approve an annual College Scholarship of up to $2500.00. Last year two scholarships were awarded… congratulations to Christian Lucas and Julissa Gallo! This year’s application period will be open from April 1st to August 31st.

Annual Legislation Dinner Meetings

MFASC and MFANC recently held their annual November Legislation Dinner meetings in Los Angeles and San Jose. Christian Richter from NASF and Jerry Desmond from Sacramento were the guest speakers giving insight into local and national politics. MFASC Executive Director, Bryan Leiker addressed current issues with AQMD and CARB. Both meetings had great turnouts and all guests enjoyed a nice dinner and opportunity to network with association colleagues. A special award of recognition was presented to California Small Business Alliance