Successful 2021 National Surface Finishing Day

The recent National Surface Finishing Day was a great success.

The ongoing pandemic and trying times have affected businesses across the globe. Social distancing and in-person restrictions have been just a part of the many obstacles faced this past year. Luckily, virtual meetings, such as webinars, and other social media events have helped the finishing industry community continue to share news and meet online together.

March 3rd, 2021 National Surface Finishing Day’s many virtual events helped bring the industry together and shine a spotlight on many new, exciting projects. Many finishing industry professionals used these virtual gatherings to reconnect with other industry leaders, share obstacles and challenges, and celebrate accomplishments in the various technological sectors. On National Surface Finishing Day the National Association For Surface Finishing (NASF) President, Jeff Brassard stated, “It’s worth taking a moment today to recognize the contributions of our industry that are more vital than ever.” Although the day may not be a holiday or something most Americans celebrate it is still an important day to help put a spotlight on the industry.

The MFACA found it was very encouraging and exciting to see the multitude of posts with the tag #NationalSurfaceFinishingDay or #NSFD shared on the actual day of and the weekdays that followed. Products Finishing wrote an article that shared some great examples of industry recognition and stated that they found the recent virtual National Surface Finishing Day to be “cathartic and fun”. So many companies and businesses shared new innovations, virtual tours, team photos, and more. It was such an amazing and uplifting sight to see all the hard work industry leaders and their teams continue to put in every day.

The Metal Finishing Association of California is proud to be a part of this incredible industry and continuing to help the sector grow. The MFACA knows that we all look forward to reconnecting with industry professionals at more in-person events and conferences sometime soon. Until then we will use virtual communication to continue to learn, stay informed, work together, problem-solve, and keep connected.

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