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Non-MFASC Plating Company Fire

Non-MFASC member, Highland Plating Company in Hollywood experienced a tragic fire on Sunday morning, causing an estimated $1.8 million in building damages. Luckily, no damage to surrounding businesses was reported. The Los Angeles Fire Department reported no Hazmat efforts took


Prop 65 Regulatory Process

The Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) has released its pre-regulatory draft warning requirements proposal and a coalition led by the California Chamber of Commerce has identified at least thirteen areas of concern. A letter has been circulated articulating

An Earth Day Celebration

The Sanitation District in Whittier, California held an Earth Day Celebration and invited members to set up booths in honor of the special day. MFASC and MFANC members participated in the event setting up a booth and plating demonstration, displaying

Bright Design Winners Announced

Officials from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California along with members of the NASF West Coast Chapters: the Metal Finishers of Southern, Northern and San Diego, California have announced the winners of the West Coast Bright Design Challenge.

MFASC Announces Appointment of MFASC Board Vice President

The Metal Finishing Association of Southern California (MFASC), an NASF Chapter, has announced the appointment of Wesley Turnbow, as MFASC Board Vice President. Mr. Turnbow is CEO of California based aerospace metal finishing company, EME, Inc. MFASC Officers unanimously voted

Tony Revier Recognized by NASF

Tony Revier, of Uyemura, was one of five key leaders of NASF who were honored at the 2014 Management Conference. The special recognition was presented to individuals who have recently served as a national director or officer during NASF’s successful

Jerry Wahlin Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

The Metal Finishers Association of Southern California (MFASC) has announced Mr. Jerry Wahlin as recipient of the Association’s Lifetime Achievement Award.   The award, presented during the West Coast Finishers 2013 Fall Outing in Rancho Palo Verdes, California, honors individuals who have



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