Message from the MFANC President

The Tailgate dream Team Frank and Cynthia Aguilar Jr and Marlene and Terry McGuinness.

Thank you for those who joined us at the Sold Out Summer Outing in August. It was a fun day at the ballpark. Special thanks you to our Sponsors; AllClean Haz, ABCO, Datalab and Univar.

These are the people that organize, gather supplies and set-up our tailgate parties. They are always first through the gates to get the prime locations, prepare and cook the food, host our guests, and pack it all up. It takes time and a lot of energy, but they still have smiles on their faces!
Thank you for all you do for our Association.

U.S. Department of Transportation stopped in for a surprise visit this month. Thanks to the training I have received through MFANC I had everything they needed to complete the inspection. Some of the items include: Hazardous Materials Certificate of Registration, DOT Training Documents and Training Certificate, three years minimum of Manifests, torque wrench for the drums and of course there is a visual inspection of the hazardous waste storage containers and area. I am always pleased when my training pays off and even happier to share it with our Members.

Coincidently, this month we are having the 3-Year DOT Training (as required). Once again I urge our Members to send your personnel to this training session. This training may seem redundant, like everything else we have to do, but it is mandatory, and important. It’s a good refresher for the experienced and good for new employees that are involved in the HazMat Transportation/Preparation.

For those who do not need the DOT Training we have the Sexual Harassment Training for Supervisors. This is not limited to Supervisors, so if you have a small crew and you want to get this training off your “to do” list for 2020 register today! Click here for the registration form .

The Metal Finishing Conference or Vendors Showcase is our annual fundraiser. This is the big event of the year. The MFANC Board and our Executive Director have been working hard to put a good conference together. We have huge raffle, good food and a full show floor thanks to our many Vendors that have signed up this year. This is an opportunity to see new products, discuss new issues or requirements and network with other finishers and suppliers.

I have spoke about unity and fellowship in previous newsletters, but when I am at the Conference I see it in action. Our Industry is different than others in ways that would take pages to explain. As a Metal Finisher you already know… When I am at the Showcase and I see all of us together, I am recharged, energized in a way that keeps me going, knowing that I am not alone in this crazy, highly regulated world of Metal Finishing. If you have taken the time to read any of these letters, I thank you. If there is anything that you want to hear more about, or if you have suggestions for MFANC, please feel free to reach out.

As always I thank you for your continued support, see you at the Show.

Bobbi Burns