Reopening America Guidance and COVID-19 Updates

MFACA members please read over the new COVID-19 updates, the Governor's Executive Order, and Reopening America Guidance tools.

Now is the time to develop and implement plans to help keep public spaces clean (including businesses, homes and workplaces), people healthy and work towards reopening America. Below are new guidelines and important COVID-19 information from the government.

Everyone needs to work together in order to aid public health regulations and help California and the nation get closer to reopening. Help reduce the spread of the virus through social distancing, wearing face masks or coverings, hygiene practices, cleaning, and disinfecting. Cleaning guidances gives three simple steps for cleaning and disinfecting:

  1. Develop your plan
  2. Implement your plan
  3. Maintain and revise your plan

It is important to determine what needs routine cleaning or disinfecting by noting if it is frequently touched, indoor or outdoors, been unoccupied for a week or more, and the type of surface or object. Everyone needs to follow the recommended practices listed in the recent reopening guidance from the CDC and maintaining healthy daily habits to slow the spread and help move towards the goal of reopening the U.S.

Last week Governor Newsom issued Executive Order N-62-20, which is a ‘Workers’ Compensation Presumption for COVID-19 Diagnosis’. This order helps with employee COVID-19-related illness claims and resulting benefits, such as disability, medical care, and other compensation. Executive Order N-62-20 also helps clarify an employer’s liability concerning their employees and is a step towards helping reopen California. Read the executive order pdf below.

Reopening America Decision Tool


Please continue following CDC and local government guidelines.
Stay safe and be well.