MFANC President’s Message

President's Message By: Bobbi Burns, Global Plating, Inc.

I hope that everyone is staying healthy and safe during this unusual time. I would like to thank our Executive Director, Bryan Leiker and our Administrator, Veronica Anderhalt for sending the email updates about the Shelter-In-Place and the helpful information about staying safe through the COVID-19 Virus. The order was extended to May and I can only hope that the social distancing is helping control the spread and containing the active cases.

There has been an extension granted on the Work Plans due for the State Water Quality Control Board Order WQ 2019-0045-DWQ (PFAS). I was able to get my Work Plan turned in before the due date, but there is probably no one there to receive it.

The Spring Outing at Golden Gate Fields that was canceled will now be our Fall Outing on Saturday, October 24, 2020. At this time, we have sold 54 tickets. The Directors Room holds 65, so if anyone else is interested in attending please let us know.

The MFANC Board will be having a teleconference meeting this month on April 16, 2020.

Stay Safe and Healthy.

Bobbi Burns