Bright Design Class Hosted Through Zoom

The class was hosted through zoom to allow social distancing.

Latest update on the 10th Annual California Bright Design Challenge. March 27th was the midterm for the 2020 class and after much debate, it was decided that the class could be completed successfully while social distancing.

This is the 10th year of the California scholarship program sponsored by MFASC, NASF & MFANC. The class was hosted through zoom to allow social distancing (view pictures below). There are 12 students in the class and given the circumstances, things went very well. Alan Olick and Bryan Leiker have been working with the students through an online platform and the students are excited to complete this class. One student even said this was one of the best classes she has ever taken.

MFACA are again amazed to see many creative and marketable presentations using surface finishing. We are planning to have the online judging through zoom on May 1st, with more details to follow. If you are interested in being a judge please email to let me know. (This year all you will need is a computer that can access zoom.) There will have a test run a week or so before the event with everyone participating in the judging. For more information please contact Bryan Leiker, Executive Director Metal Finishing Association of California (818) 207-1021