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“California Air Resources Board (CARB) Regulatory Deadlines are Very Aggressive and Unrealistic.”

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“We’re only around one percent of emissions. If you got rid of us completely, you’d still have 99% of the problem — and you’re getting rid of hundreds of thousands of jobs.”

– Justin Guzman, MFASC President (Read More)


The California Air Resources Board (CARB) has proposed to phase out Decorative Hex Chrome by 2023, Hard Chrome by 2027, and Chromic Acid Anodize by 2032. Learn more about the ban on Hex Chrome here.

California Metal Finishers will no longer be able to provide vital services to our industry.  The surface finishing industry could exit California in the coming years. This ban is not needed. Technology has allowed us to reduce emissions by over 99%. The surface finishing industry in California is less than half of 1% of hex chrome emissions yet is the only industry facing a ban.

The finishing industry is a critical part of the aerospace, manufacturing, defense, technology, and automotive industries. Without Surface Finishing we face not being able to:

  • Land an Airplane Safely – corrosion and pitting will cause landing gears to collapse on contact if not treated correctly.
  • Stop an Automobile in Time – brake components need meticulous surface coating specifications to prevent failures.
  • Defend a Nation and its People – rust and corrosion can cripple equipment and supplies that are needed by Military units.
  • Secure Vital Technology Components – computers, phones, and other telecommunication equipment will fail with substandard coatings.
  • Surface Finishing Operations Employees – over one hundred thousand jobs could be lost in California. (View flyer for more information.)

The Metal Finishing Association of California and the Surface Finishing industries in California need help from supporters to contact California Air Resources Board (CARB) to protest these proposed changes. Please email Eugene Rubin of CARB at with the subject “Hexavalent Chromium Airborne Toxic Control Measure (ATCM) for Chrome Plating and Chromic Acid Anodizing Operations,” or call 1-916-323-0006.

MFACA is asking for support and that you please consider contributing to our IEF Fund to help in our efforts to save the surface finishing industry in California. Your contribution is deductible on 501C Rules. Below is a link to a downloadable donation form or a link to donate online if you would like to contribute. All money raised will go to fighting this massive regulatory overreach by CARB.

Download the IEF contribution form and donate by mail, or click here to contribute online today.

Contact MFACA, we are available to answer your questions anytime. Thank you for your support.