Metal Finishing Conference

September 25th and 27th, 2018

MFASC & MFANC recently held their annual Metal Finishing Conference in Southern California on September 25th and Northern California on September 27th. This year both conferences enjoyed record turnout and participation from the membership. Guests were treated to a packed hall of exhibitors, informative seminars and a great dinner. Over fifty thousand dollars was raised collectively to help the associations. MFASC & MFANC would like to thank all the event sponsors this year.

MFASC Dinner Sponsors:

Haviland Products, Inc.

Moore Compliance & Training, Inc.

MFASC Gold Sponsors:

Aircraft X-Ray Laboratories, Inc.

Coventya, Inc.

K & L Anodizing

Metal Surfaces, Inc.

Miles Chemical Co.

Sheffield Platers, Inc.

MFASC Silver Sponsors:

Dynapower Company

E.M.E., Inc.

Ronatec C2C, Inc.

Ryotronics, Inc.

MFANC Gold Sponsors:

Coventya, Inc.

Miles Chemical Co.

T & J Industries

MFANC Silver Sponsors:

All Clean Hazardous Waste Removal, Inc.

Dynapower Company

MFANC Hors D’oeuvres Sponsor:

Phibro-Tech, Inc.