2019 Annual California Legislative Dinner Meeting Recap

2019 Annual California Legislative Dinner Meeting Recap

MFACA 2019 Annual Legislative Dinner Meeting

Thank you to everyone who made it to our California Legislative Update Annual Dinner Meetings for MFASC and MFANC on November 20th and 21st at Stevens Steak and Seafood House and Saki’s Spin A Yarn Restaurant. We had a record turnout of 100 people attend for MFASC!

Important topics discussed included an update on the California State Waterboard PFAS order and test. The Metal Finishing Association of California is currently working on a group extension to the order and a work plan to use as a template for future testing if needed. The association is currently engaged in a discussion with senior members of the Waterboard to answer member questions of concern. Other important topics at the meeting included an update on AQMD rule 1469 and rule 1480.

MFACA is continuing to advocate a series of helpful plans and resources, with the California Water Board. As well as dealing with issues that are concerned with PFAS in a way to aid those in the metal and surfacing business.

We want to extend a big thank you to our guest speakers: Jeff Hannapel of The Policy Group, Washington, D.C. NASF Government Relations and Jerry Desmond JR., of Desmond & Desmond in Sacramento, CA. A special congratulations to Jerry Desmond on receiving the MFASC Award of Special Recognition!

We appreciate all members and guests who were able to attend and look forward to next year’s dinner meeting.


Click here to view PowerPoint presentations from the meetings: