Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response


Dear MFASC & MFANC members and family,

Both the Northern and Southern California Metal Finishing Associations are doing everything in our power to keep you updated with any crucial information regarding the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19). All our companies are trying to understand the true impact of the Pandemic, how we can take appropriate actions to keep our employees safe and healthy, and in doing so, help to keep our businesses doors open.

In order to serve our members the best we can in this difficult time, we will be providing information on the website with links to important information regarding:

Health & Safety – click here
Virus Spread Prevention – click here
Unemployment Benefit Opportunities – click here
Small Business Loan Information – click here

Essential Suppliers

As you are probably aware by now, every customer you do business with will claim to be an essential supplier to the Military or Defense infrastructure. We feel it is in your best interest to ask those customers for letters from not only their companies, but the OEM that is requiring their businesses to stay open during the Stay at Home order. This information will probably be required in order to garner some of the funds that will be provided by the newest legislation currently going through the House of Representatives.


What You Can Be Doing

We asked some of the Board members what they are currently doing at their places of business during the Pandemic and received some information in regard to health and wellness. This includes but is not limited to:

Advising employees not to come to work if they feel sick (or someone in their family is sick).
When an employee returns to work after an illness, screen that employee to mitigate the opportunity for virus spread.

Providing adequate spacing so employees can minimize exposure. This may mean reducing labor or adding more shifts with fewer employees.

Make sure that the resources provided to employees are in the language employees can understand. Providing reassurance to your employees will go a long way in giving them a comfort level that working during the outbreak will be safe.


Employee Guidance

With that in mind, we really need to educate and guide our employees on:

  1. What the current Stay at Home order means.
  2. Today’s Critical business definition and how it applies to our companies
  3. Understanding the CDC guidelines for individual, family, and home preparation/protection.


MFACA is Here to Help

Our association is here for our members and will continue to operate throughout this pandemic. Our goal is and always will be to provide guidance, answer questions and allow all members to have the information needed to continue to run their business in a safe and effective manner.

Should you have any questions or require assistance please email Bryan Leiker at