Bright Design Challenge Begins

From understanding the key performance drivers of quality, cost, and environmental compliance in automotive finishes to experiencing the dramatic impact of decorative finishes in jewelry, The Bright Design Challenge empowers our youth with resources to become a part of the next generation of surface finishers.


To date, hundreds of students have taken part in this annual program that invites students to think beyond traditional design theory to showcase “next generation” creative and engineering solutions. This vital program is produced as part of the Association’s Surface Technology Initiative to proactively promote the surface finishing industry.


The West Coast chapters of the NASF are now instructing nearly 20 students through the NASF Fall Bright Design Challenge. Special thanks to K & L Anodizing and General Plating Company for their assistance in teaching the recent “Plating 101” class. Now in its sixth year of sponsoring this program, we salute the West Coast NASF Chapters in their efforts to continue building strong relationships with the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena and with the students.


Midterm presentations will take place in October and the final judging results will be announced in December.